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318 Sons

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The Church is the family of God. It has one Father in heaven and male and female sons who bear the image of God. God sowed His Son to reap many sons. He places these sons in local churches. The local church is the quarry where sons are shaped to fit into the Corporate Church, which is the temple, or dwelling place, of God. In this capacity, the local church mirrors the heavenly relationship of Father and Son on the earth. The father of a local church is the lead elder, training and developing sons to grow up into Christ in all things. He is a representative Father who is the steward of sons. The local church is built on sonship, not casual membership. Paul and John built using a father-son wineskin, referring to the believers they gave oversight to as their “children.”

This book deals with a specific kind of son prefigured in Abram’s 318 “servants” in his house. “318” is unique as it also prefigures the Corporate Son–the PERFECT MAN–THE CHURCH.

Dr. S. Y. Govender


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